Given the special circumstances in which we find ourselves around the world, related to the appearance of the COVID19 virus, ESDi Design School proposes a creative initiative that can have a direct positive impact on society. In particular, we will help the Red Cross to cover the basic needs of people in vulnerable situations.
Our intention is that we design, together, simple costume instructions to make at home or at school that can be downloaded from this platform,
Some of our university students have already done this and, if you also have design skills, we encourage you to send us your own original design. 
The challenge is to design the instructions for a costume with the following characteristics:
• Design a costume that is not associated with any particular gender, can be suitable for both boys/girls/non-binary gender.
• It should be relatively simple to construct, as the intention is that, even if they are helped by adults, the children can actively participate in its construction.
• Simple materials should be used, which anyone can have at home or which are easy to obtain.
You can download the example document, in .ai format (Adobe Illustrator) and send us your proposal to once you have completed it.
Thank you very much to all participants! 
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