Hello Sun, did you know that you are a giant ball of fire? Also, although little people on earth think that the sun is alone in the sky alone in the sky, it actually has some inseparable friends. inseparable friends. And this is why we are here, you are the sun and you must find your friends. you are the sun and you must find your friends. The only way to is to get to know them the better! You must travel the universe to find your friends the planteas with the help of the star map. 
This is an interactive costume where children can participate in the assembly of the costume. In addition to learning how to make the planets, they will learn their names, sizes, order and colors. 
The instruction format will also be entertaining, as it will be presented in a story format. In this way, the child will be building his or her costume while learning interesting aspects about our solar system. 
Finally, we have thought that the costume should not have only one use. For this reason, it can be easily transformed into a mobile that the child can use as a decoration in his or her room.

Download the instructions for this costume so you can make it at home or at school.
Children should always work under adult supervision.

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